Photos from Our Days
Bulldog Day UK  Newark
Bulldogs for all !
James my son who now makes it all possible   good cook too !
Traceys  Buster
Lorna and Archie
Michele and Archie
2015   the 9th Bulldog Day UK
James at the drop in centre
Archies Stall
Ron Bull and [Jaynes Mum ]
Dog House
Buddy Makes Friends
This was a small tribute to Bulldogs at Rainbow bridge , we will make more of this next year it was a very emotional moment watching them speed skywards .... this was Lorna's idea and lots liked it x

Fun with the Mad Hatter [Ben ] and Buddy ,children were very well catered for and entertained by Ben and his Alice [Ella Rudd ] hes booked for next year guys !
Bullomine Bespoke
VIP Terrance Jordan Water Boy and Super helper
our 'expectant 'dad hat making skills