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The 10th Bulldog Day UK  Newark Showground  June 5th 2016 .

What can I say about this years event , it was just amazing, the amount of visitors just made it the best yet , we spent more time organizing this, even having a planning meeting to bring together the helpers in the pub in Newark .We felt this paid off ,we ran out of wristbands 400 in an hour and a half and 302 dogs got a raffle ticket ,we had to hand stamp so we are roughly looking at over 600+ people we think maybe more .
The weather having been overcast all the week running up to it was suddenly red hot from about 10am  so by 11 the area was  baking , we had pools around and a very busy team filling them , the showground is always is windy so a tiny breeze did stay , the trees are excellent and the many gazebos around provided a lot of shade . The Showground had told us in advance how to direct our visitors as 4 events were on that day we were so busy and the atmosphere was happy from the start.
Besides Fun classes expertly run by the Blackpool and Fylde Bulldog Club ,we had a real Bulldog Judge Tanya Wilton from London  who loved her classes .We had brilliant games to raise funds invented by the Sheffield and Leodensian ,and the London Bulldog Society was represented for the first time as we didn’t clash with their show date. The Bulldog Inc were as usual doing their bit  James famously described at the 7ft tall man to me LOL tis club supports every year for the 8 years we have been at Newark .
The Rescues :
Bulldog Rescue ,Edward Foundation and French Bulldog Saviours all reported a lot of interest and were supported and people made aware of the huge welfare issue that all the breeds have but are dealt with daily by very special selfless  people, all are keen to join us next year
My Drop in Centre is very popular, people asking questions a lot about behavior this year, the health certificate and about eye conditions seemed to be the most common areas.
We are very careful to pick unusual and bulldog specific stalls we try not to double up on the goods and the traders reward this by paying a rental for their stall and then give a % of their takings for the Bulldog Rescue. All reported brisk trade and looked so attractive I must thank them for making this a very special day for everyone .
This year I paid out for a professional children’s entertainer Ben, AKA Mad Hatters Tea party   from 1 to 3pm we had the lovely Ella Rudd as Alice and she was a natural and has been offered a job joining Ben at other events, we have already booked him for next year.
We had a small memorial balloon release for all the dogs we have lost this year, touching and next year we have plans to develop this with maybe a memorial tree.
We had a hands on pottery stall and many people enjoyed making paw prints of their dogs ,a unique and a nice thing to own this was a local business which we are keen to involve.
The dogs attending in such hot weather were amazing out of at least 302 dogs about 10 got too hot and stressed with two causing concern and being dealt with by a joint first aid effort by the BDR and the EF who worked as a great team .
I would like to say that the reason Bulldog Day UK does not have a veteran fun class is because I would never want you to bring a really old dog in your car as the Event can be stressful as there are dogs everywhere and if it’s hot we would never want you to risk your dog .Out of the 8 years we have held this event at this venue the last 4 have been great weather  for camping  but 3 were raining really heavily, one time we had 3 weeks rain in one day so as with any outdoor event in the UK we pray for dry and not too hot or wet each year .
Demonstrations to show you how to show your dog took place ,and fun classes very well attended, wall photo competition, coloring in and drawing all bought prizes and sponsorship ,health education took place in Vicky’s drop in center and lots of eye problem leaflets were given out .Beautiful Rosettes were sponsored by people on the Newark Facebook group, BBQ our food was done by James Brent Danny Kim and Tracey ,Kitchen Teas coffees and soft drinks by Melanee and Emma ,Rescue had a Slushi machine care of Michele Woodman ,we have lots of photos from this wonderful day of learning and sharing and celebrating the bulldog breed this I think is pretty unique because it is not just a fund raising event .
Education and the ownership of this wonderful breed is so often knocked and misunderstood , so we go out there and show the world now how great our British Icon dog is !
Final balance worked out from Bulldog Day UK  2016
Income £7,577.26
Expenses £2,425.76
Total profit £5151.50

Total from Event Profits rescue will receive £5,151.50
its up on the day takings £1,283.44 on last year

Vicky Collins-Nattrass
Bulldog Day Organiser

Saturday 20th June 2015, Vickys Thoughts
Bulldog Day Uk  is my invention for the people who own bulldogs like bulldogs  want one ,just want to ask questions and meet folks in a relaxed atmosphere .

The Kennel Club is fully behind this day they think its  a fabulous idea and have told other breeds how its worked for us ,but there are some people who just cant bear to see success , talk to the owl  who also
came to Bulldog Day  a rare breed OWLTYME

Total Money taken by the Event Bulldog Day UK 2015 at Newark Showground June 7th was £6,597.83

After expenses ,the total raised on the day for Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Charitable Trust from taking part themselves and the clear profit from us ,is £3,982.65 , we have kept a sum of £600 [to use as purchase for Signs and Banners plus the deposit for next years Event which has to be paid now .]

I do think we lost money on the door but its just a learning curve , with more signs and barriers and an extra full day for the helpers to set it up next year we are on top of that ,its still a totally brilliant result for one day ! and many thanks are due to all who helped, all were volunteers ,no one was paid , the expenses were more this year as things had gone up but I am still proud of what we achieved as in the first place its for Bulldog people to have a great day ,take part and to meet up and ask all those things you wanted to know about the breed , the fund raising for Rescue is a bonus !!!THANK YOU FOR COMING AND MAKING IT THE SUCCESS YOU DID
Vicky xx

Photos and stories from the past years

The John Lewis Christmas Boxer  BUSTER  signing paw prints in aid of Boxer Rescue  and Photo Sessions xxx
11th Bulldog Day Uk June 4th 2017
Take a look at the fabulous photos by Graham AFphotography Raynsford
Drum Roll ..... the total income from the 11th Bulldog Day UK was £8,472.25 ,after expenses which were higher this year Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Charitable Trust will receive £4,112.21 , Boxer Rescue Raised £220 and French Bulldog Welfare £66 , and now Vicky Breathe !!!!!!
Bulldog Day UK Team+ Melanee who missed the photo call 
Blog coming soon about the day !!