5th June2016
We did it again !!!!!!!!!!
Bulldog Day UK

Final balance worked out from Bulldog Day UK  2016
Income £7,577.26
Expenses £2,425.76
Total profit £5151.50

Total from Event Profits rescue will receive £5,151.50
its up on the day takings £1,283.44 on last year
Team Bulldog Day UK
James Collins and Kirsty Rudd
Organiser and the idea
Bulldog Day UK  from Newark Admin
The concept of Bulldog Day explained :
It is Vicky’s Baby it is supported by the Blackpool and Fylde Bulldog Club Committee It does not belong to Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust   but final profits are theirs .

Every day we have held we have detailed accounts of our expenditure and profits .I have kept every year receipts I have done a balance and published it 8 years,I never count the money or total up alone always a third party is working it out with me .

Each year Bulldog Day UK has bought items to make the day run smoother, we own two professional BBQs and we have now just bought our 6th Gazebo, we own a grill and three tea boilers a camping sink and Banners and various items involved in serving food.

Firstly, I must stress that the day is a day for the Breed, its meant to put back something for Pet owners and people who don’t know anything about the show world, It’s educational, it’s fun and it gives value for their money.

The Hire of the hall this year is 2/3rds up on last year ,because it has been the same each year over 8 years.

The camping area is paid directly to Newark Showground we do not receive any money in from that it covers the rental of the huge show ring which they allow us to use .
We are extremely lucky we are able to do our own food as the Showground doesn’t allow other hirers to provide the food, this helps us make the rental.

This year for the children we have hired a professional entertainer which although is an expense we want it to be a good day for all .

We also have bought wristbands they are a nice souvenir and let us see who has paid their entrance .

The stalls and how the fund raising part works: in the past we haven’t had to pay per table and chair but this year they wanted to charge us extra for those. We said no because we have made no provision for this and it would have added a further £220 to the hall hire , however we agreed next year we will budget it in .

All the Rescue stalls BDR, Archie Hough,Slushy,The Edward Foundation and French Bulldog welfare,  Raffle are all given their stalls for free  and they keep ALL the money they raise on THEIR OWN  stalls.

Breed Clubs are all given their stalls for free, they can sell what club ware they like but they must do a fund raiser for Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust of which we have had brilliant ones over the years and fantastic efforts [remembering the Welly Throwing !Sheffield B.C did !!  ]

This year stalls for Traders  are £10 as normal [next year they will be £12 ] Chairs we will have to cover We put the traders on trust if they have a good day we expect a donation to BDR collected by Bulldog Day UK and included in the final fund raising total on the day .If the traders have a bad day we don’t expect further than the stall rental

.Many traders do their own fund raisers for BDR as well on their stands  but that is voluntarily and much appreciated .We try not to double up on the stalls so the paying public have lots of choices if they want to buy .

Bulldog Day UK collects the door money, the kitchen money and the BBQ, all the stall rental + donations to BDR from the stall holders  profits go to Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming.

Blackpool and Fylde Bulldog Club run the show classes  , and all those entries go into the pot for BDR. Public sponsorship buys the rosettes and we have donations in exchange for advertising  which also goes to offset hall hire

By the time Bulldog Day UK opens there will be more than £1200 paid out already in expenses , so after all expenses are paid  what remains ,less next year’s hall hire deposit goes to Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Charitable Trust which will be announced approximately 6 days after the event .

I hope this makes how we run the day completely transparent everyone who takes a stall must understand how and why the money is used .Anyone will be able to see the final accounts on request .
Vicky Collins Nattrass  Bulldog Day UK
The profit is for Bulldog Rescue Charitable Trust Registration number  1115009